The Demolition Crew

The Demolition Crew is still active today. 12 {TDC} alumni get together weekly for UT2004 on Sunday nights at 6pm EST. We are also active in other games such as Battlefield4, Planetside 2, Diablo 3, and COD as we wait for the New Unreal Tournament 4. We invite you to register to our portal, join Teamspeak, and be a part of our gaming.


Once the New Unreal Tournament breaks, we are planning to form up and get involved in some competetive play.

Archived Roster







Matrix Founder/Leader/Admin 99/2K3/2K4
Demo Founder/CoLeader 99/2K3/2K4
Sergio Founder/Captain 99/2K3/2K4
Slayer Co Leader 2K3/2K4
Mudslide Captain 99/2K3/2K4
EvilEd Soldier 99/2K3/2K4
Dracula Soldier 99/2K3/2K4
Skilly Soldier 99/2K3
Cypher Soldier 99/2K3/2K4
Cross Soldier 99/2K3/2K4
Canni Soldier 2K4
Lopan Soldier 99
Punker Soldier 99
Apostle Soldier 99
QueBass Soldier 99
Bluntsmoker Soldier 99
Keltik Soldier 99
Weazel Soldier 99
Fr33k Soldier 2K3
Rock Soldier 2K3/2K4
Doggman Soldier 2K3
Str8Gone Soldier 2K3/2K4
Eol Soldier 2K3
AceNemesis Soldier 2K3
Kikaya Soldier 2K3
Raqaz Soldier 2K3
Showtime Soldier 2K3
LeChris Soldier2K3
Dyson Soldier 2K3
DaBadGuys Soldier 2K3
Dark Wizard Soldier 2K3
Plasma Soldier 2K3
Gold Captain/Soldier 2K4
Fireguy Soldier 2K4
PerfectFlaw Soldier 2K4
Techslacker Soldier 2K4
Vexer Soldier 2K4



Please join us!!

Check out youtube to see what's going on with the NEW Unreal Tournament!


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