The Private Militia

The Private Militia was founded by the former {TDC} members in 2005. .:^pM| competed on the TWL ladders for BF2 & COD2. Battlefield 2 was 5v5 infantry only and COD2 was 5v5 CTF Bolt action rifles. At our peak we ranked 2nd for COD2 Bolts.


There are still a some of who that play COD socially from time to time as well as Battlefield and others. Please stop by our portal and register.

The following is a list of the people that made up .:^pM|

Archived Roster







Matrix Founder/Leader COD/CODUO/COD2/COD4/BF2
Sergio Founder/Captain COD/CODUO/COD2/COD4/BF2
Canni Soldier COD/CODUO/COD2/COD4/BF2
Madmax Soldier COD/CODUO/COD2/COD4/BF2


Blinx Soldier BF2
Flaw Soldier COD/CODUO/BF2
Techslacker Soldier COD/CODUO/BF2
EdHunter Soldier COD2
2Late Soldier COD2
Mobi Soldier COD2
Slippa Soldier COD2
HolyDiver Soldier COD2/COD4
Barese Soldier COD2
Gybe! Soldier COD2
Moses Soldier COD2
Potski Soldier COD2
MajorPayne Soldier COD2
Kw1ck Soldier COD2
NetNut Co Leader COD2/COD4
Deenie Soldier COD2/COD4
Zehring Soldier COD2
Splat! Soldier COD2
Toxin Soldier COD2
J.Zilla Soldier COD2
Ninja Soldier COD2

Please join us!!

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