Throughout our gaming careers, the members of {TDC} and .:^pm| produced moderate content for our games and web sites. It is unfortunate that some was lost to time. A great deal of content did however survive.


This page serves as an archive of those files. Many of these files have been out of circulation for over 10 years.


Please feel free to grab what looks interesting!


File Archive

All levels were produced by {TDC} members past and present. Some maps were produced FOR The Demolition Crew and are as such..related. All maps retain their original naming conventions and supporting files.


Select maps produced for ~KoS~ clan are listed here because the Author is a {TDC} member and are as such..related.


UT99 Maps - Clan Produced/Related

CTF-[MCS]vs{TDC}Special Author - [MCS]Wolverine
CTF-{DV8}Armageddon Author - [MCS]Wolverine
CTF-{DV8}ArmageddonV2 Author - [MCS]Wolverine
CTF-{TDC}ARENA Author - [MCS]Wolverine
CTF-BarnBurnerV3 Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-HallsOf{DV8} Author - [MCS]Wolverine
CTF-HallsOf{TDC} Author - [MCS]Wolverine
CTF-Romra{TDC} Author - [MCS]Wolverine
CTF-SpaceStationX Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-Thorns{DV8} Author - [MCS]Wolverine
CTF-Thorns{TDC} Author - [MCS]Wolverine


UT2003/2004 Maps - Clan Produced/Related

CTF-{TDC}-EnmityBETA2 Author - {TDC}PerfectFlaw
CTF-{TDC}-GriefBETA6 Author - {TDC}PerfectFlaw
CTF-{TDC}-Stick'n'Stones Author - {TDC}PerfectFlaw
CTF-1on1-Maelstrom Author - {TDC}Slayer
CTF-1on1-TDC Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-2on2-LGI-Torment Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-Atrophy-TDC Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-CageMatch-LGI Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-Deathstar-TDC Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-ForgottenCityFinal Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-LGI-Crater Author - {TDC}Cypher / {TDC}Matrix
CTF-LGI-Hero Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-LGI-London Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-LGI-OldWest Author - {TDC}PerfectFlaw
CTF-LGI-Oppidan Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-LGI-Torment Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-MoonCanyon Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-MoonShine Author - {TDC}Slayer
CTF-Onyx Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-Reload2K4-TDC Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-RomraPro Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-Space1999 Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-SpaceStationX1v1-TDC Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-SpaceStaionX-TDC Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-TDCThorns Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-Timeless-PRO Author - {TDC}Slayer
CTF-ThornRebirth Author - {TDC}Cypher
CTF-UnderGround-TDC Author - {TDC}Matrix
CTF-~KoS~Ganch Author - KonphliKt~KoS~ (Flaw)
CTF-~KoS~HoleInOne Author - KonphliKt~KoS~ (Flaw)
CTF-~KoS~Imbue Author - KonphliKt~KoS~ (Flaw)
CTF-~KoS~KungFu Author - KonphliKt~KoS~ (Flaw)
CTF-~KoS~Toonage Author - KonphliKt~KoS~ (Flaw)
CTF-~KoS~WesternGibs Author - KonphliKt~KoS~ (Flaw)
DM-Vaporlab-TDC Author - {TDC}Cypher


UT/PM - Clan Produced/Misc Files (The following files were orginally designed for an 800x600 resolution which was the screen size most had used in that time. Streaming these files now will be based on your current screen size and will likely be pixelated).

{TDC} 2K3 Intro Author - {TDC}Matrix
{TDC} License Plate Author - {TDC}AceNemesis
{TDC} History Author - {TDC}Matrix
{TDC} 2K4 Incomplete Intro Author - {TDC}Matrix
{TDC} 2K4 Website Intro Author - {TDC}Matrix
{TDC}Matrix Sig Author - {TDC}Matrix
{TDC}Mudslide Sig Author - {TDC}Matrix
{TDC}Sergio RipCord Doll Advert Author - {TDC}Cross
.:^pM| COD2 Rifles Intro Author - {TDC}Matrix
.:^pM| Alternate Intro Author - {TDC}Matrix
.:^pM| HQ Website Intro Author - {TDC}Matrix
.:^pM| Splash Advert Author - .:^pM|Deenie


Other - Non Clan Produced/Misc Files

UT2K4CacheExtractor210 UT2004 Cache Extractor



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