Our History

The Demolition Crew was founded by the former DV8 members Matrix and Demo in 2001. Sergio also played a role. DV8 was ranked 1st on IGL for CTF LGI 135/35. {TDC} competed on the IGL & OGL ladders for UT99, UT2003 & UT2004. At it's peak, the clan ranked 3rd for CTF LGI 135/35.


Toward the end of UT99, {TDC} had briefly merged with [MCS]. Due to differences in clan direction {TDC} split from [MCS] returning to it's original formation. We never competed in UT3 however there were some who played that game socially. After the UT era passed in 2005, certain members went on to form a new group called the Private Militia.


.:^pM| competed on the TWL ladders for BF2 & COD2. At our peak we ranked 2nd for COD2 Bolts. After The Private Militia formed, those who were not interested in playing BF2 or COD, went on to play UT2004 with KoS.


In 2008 we retired from competitive play. To celebrate our roots in gaming this site exists. We now host several UT servers which support our old gametype and settings for recreational use. As long as they are supported, they will remain. For more information about what {TDC} is doing today please see visit the TDC link in the top navigation bar. See you on the servers!

Our Game Servers

We currently run 3 servers. One for UT4 CTF LGI, one for UT2K4 set to CTF LGI 135/35. The 2K4 server provides a blend of maps that were either popular on public servers, ladders, or custom clan produced maps. We also host a Teamspeak 3 server. The server images below provide the IP addresses and they are linked to game tracker should you require more information.







If you like our servers please support them they are not free!!! We want to keep them running for everyone!


You can do this in one of two ways. Monthly subscriptions are 9 USD. If you like this option please click subscribe.


If you wish to make a one time donation please click donate.


We appreciate any help!


Please join us!!

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